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At Strategic Wealth Design, we offer financial services tailored to the unique demands of your profession, your practice, and your business. Your practice or business is your most valuable asset, and it’s important to protect that asset with a long-term plan that includes financial organization, insurance strategies, tax planning, investments, and wealth management.

You’re an expert when it comes to your profession and your business, and people come to you because of your knowledge and experience. Like you, our advisors have specialized knowledge, and they use their years of experience to help clients achieve financial freedom and security.

Business Owners

Your business will probably be the biggest financial asset on your balance sheet. Thus, it becomes important to optimize the financial strategies to protect, grow and nurture your business. We work with entrepreneurs at various stages of their business, from assisting the new owner with establishing a financial foundation to ensuring smooth business exit and transition into retirement.


Many financial advisors take generic solutions intended for the average individual and try to make them work for dentists. At Strategic Wealth Design, we know that dentists have unique needs – for insurance, for budgeting and investing, for retirement planning, and much more. We can design a financial plan that’s customized for you, your practice and your family, using our knowledge of the dental profession and our years of experience.


You love being a physician, but running a practice takes a lot of time and energy. Researching, designing, and implementing a financial plan can be overwhelming, especially when you’re working long hours. You need a financial advisor who will take the time to focus on your personal and professional goals, allowing you to do what you do best – take care of your patients.


Attorneys and law firms have unique financial needs that require the skilled services of advisors with specialized knowledge of the legal profession. Strategic Wealth Design helps attorneys build wealth, reduce taxes, manage risk, and plan for succession and retirement. Because time is money, especially in the legal profession, it makes sense to delegate a financial advisor to handle the ins and outs of financial planning and wealth management so you can concentrate on building your practice.


Planning a project, working out all the details, and seeing your vision become a reality – we understand and respect what architects do each day because that’s what we do, as well. We included the word “Design” in our name because we create a customized financial blueprint for each client to follow. Whether you need wealth management, tax planning, investments, or other financial services, Strategic Wealth Design will help you build a successful future.


As busy professionals in a demanding field, it can be difficult for engineers to find time to handle all the details involved in planning a financial future. However, we know you appreciate the value of a solid foundation, and that’s what we provide at Strategic Wealth Design. We’ll work with you to determine your financial goals, develop a strategy and a timeline to help you achieve them, and provide the resources you need to reach the future you desire.

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