Small Business Financial Planning

Small Business Financial Planning

Small Business Owner Financial Planning

As a small business owner, you probably understand the importance of establishing and having a business plan. The goal of the business plan is to help you grow one of your most significant assets, YOUR Business. 

However, many business owners neglect their personal finances at the expense of running the business. Research from the American College shows that 60% of business owners had not met with a financial advisor. In addition, very few of them had a coordinated plan that addressed their personal and business finances. 

Most business owners don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to comprehensively look at their personal and business finances. 

We’ll provide you with customized financial planning services to help you achieve your long-term goals of wealth creation and personal freedom; while still allowing you to focus on growing your business today!

Our team of Certified Financial Planners has experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners like you across the country. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive financial plan that addresses all aspects of your personal and business life so that you can reach financial freedom sooner than later!

Why Small Business Owners Need a Unique Approach

You have a unique business and financial situation that requires a unique approach to wealth management and financial planning. 

Yet, most wealth managers and planners don’t understand the unique challenges of a small business owner, so they treat you like everyone else. They offer cookie-cutter solutions that won’t work for your business or your goals. 

We get it because we are small business owners too. And as such, we know how to help you with all aspects of business owner wealth management. We offer financial planning services that address your needs for tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, exit/succession planning, investment strategy, and portfolio management—all tailored specifically for the needs of small business owners just like you!

Our financial planning services for small business owners use our proprietary two-phase process and financial balance blueprint to help entrepreneurs achieve financial security and freedom.

Exit and Succession Planning Made Easy


Is your wealth tied up in your business?

Does the idea of selling your business and retiring overwhelm you? Does it excite you?

Are you wondering how to convert the value of your business into income during retirement?

Not everyone can be a business owner. It takes a special kind of person: an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of independence, and self-reliance. We get that about you.

Creating or implementing an exit plan can be very emotional for many business owners. We also know that making the transition from being a business owner to retirement raises concerns, such as:

    • When should you exit the business?
    • How do you build a team of advisors to help with the exit?
    • How do you maximize the value that you can receive from the exit?
    • To whom should we sell the business- family members, employees, or a third party?
    • How do you maintain the income and lifestyle after a business exit?
    • How to avoid running out of money during retirement?
    • How to select appropriate investments, manage risk, and taxes in your investment portfolio?

What is an Exit Plan?

It is a roadmap that helps business owners decide and define when and how they will exit their business. It brings together seasoned professionals from a variety of disciplines to guide the owner and all aspects of the exit plan – tax, investments, legal, human resources, etc. 

Benefits of an Exit Plan

You have spent many years building a successful business. The business has provided for you, our family, your employees, and their families. There are several benefits of creating an Exit Plan, to name a few:

    • First, your business will be more attractive to investors.
    •  Your business will look much better to bankers if you need a loan.
    •  You’ll be in a better position to negotiate with investors, vendors, etc.
    •  Your board and key management will have peace of mind knowing an Exit Plan is in place.

Most importantly, you will be in a better position to maximize the value of the business for you and your family. 

5 Critical Elements of an Exit Plan

Exit Planning can seem overwhelming and daunting, so we have defined the five critical elements to begin the exit planning process:

    • The owner’s target departure date.
    • A preliminary Financial Needs Analysis.
    • The owner’s desired successor.
    • A preliminary valuation of the company.
    • A future cash–flow estimate.

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