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Your Income Is Your Most Valuable Asset, Help Protect it with Disability Insurance

Why do you need Disability Income Protection?

Why do you need Disability Income Protection?

Your income is the foundation for your goals and aspirations. If you're not able to work because of illness or injury, sooner or later your income will start to suffer. If you can't afford to go an extended period of time without income, you should consider disability income protection.

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Here some facts on why you should consider this protection now:

What are your options?

Social Security

Social Security

  1. Usually for permanent, catastrophic disabilities
  2. Can be difficult to obtain
  3. Averages about $1,000/month
Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

  1. May be offered by your employer
  2. Leave your job, may lose your coverage
  3. Typically taxable, which reduces benefits to around 40% of income
  4. Usually doesn't provide coverage for bonus or commission
Individual Disability Insurance

Individual Disability Insurance

  1. Individual and supplemental options
  2. You own it wherever you work, whomever you work for
  3. Tailored to you and how you earn your income
  4. Can pay benefits even if you're still able to work part time
  5. Helps cover the gap left by basic coverage

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Guardian and its subsidiaries do not issue or advise with regard to student loans or Social Security. The Social Security Administration has not approved, endorsed, or authorized this material; contact the Social Security Administration for complete details regarding eligibility for benefits.