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Our sole purpose is to help our clients create and maintain financial balance throughout their lives.

What is Financial Balance? 

Many people believe that Financial Balance means diversification of assets. We believe that Financial Balance is beyond the traditional thinking of assets, rates of returns, or the amount of risk one takes. Financial Balance to us means that our clients are prepared to respond to life changes that they may experience at some time in their future, whether it is something that is pleasant or something that may be unpleasant. We know that one of things guaranteed in life, besides death and taxes, is change and we want to make sure our clients are financially prepared for whatever life throws at them.

Financial Balance begins with Organization

We are not speaking about neatly organized filing cabinets with tabs and accounts clearly identified. An individual or family can have their records in order and still be financially disorganized.

We have noticed that people quite often make financial decisions without truly understanding the impact it will have on other areas of their financial life. Each decision is treated as being independent and this results in a situation where products and strategies may not be coordinated and may lack efficiency. This problem is compounded when one has multiple financial institutions and advisors involved in the process.

At Strategic Wealth Design, we take a comprehensive approach and our understanding of how various financial pieces can be effectively integrated, reduces financial stress and breeds a high level of financial confidence. We use The Living Balance Sheet® to not only look at the “big picture”, but to also give our clients the ability to gain more effective insight into their financial decisions and strategies. Our clients' financial data is updated daily so you know where you are at financially and as life unfolds, you are better equipped to adapt to changes.

At Strategic Wealth Design, we understand that, like life, long-term financial needs are impossible to predict. We want to help you achieve Financial Balance and with the Living Balance Sheet®, we can help you maintain it too. Give us a call today!

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